The tool that will help you control your company's Google Cloud Platform in a practical and totally secure way.

Efficient and easy experience.

It’s now easy for the Google Workplace super administrator to check the status of their users, prevent unauthorized access, evaluate project allocations, track billing accounts and identify potential risks on the Google Cloud Platform.

See the full list of problems that can be tracked by the Cloud Scanner:

        ◦ Outside the organization or without organization. sem organização.

◦ With external users as viewers, editors, or owners.

        ◦ With external service accounts as viewers, editors, or owners . .

        ◦ With external users such as viewers, editors or owners.ditores ou proprietários.

        ◦ External service accounts such as viewers, editors or owners .

        ◦ Project billing accounts without organization.

        ◦ Project billing accounts with external users as publishers or owners.

        ◦ Project billing accounts with external service accounts such as publishers or owners .

We are at the end of the beta phase. Use for free!

The Cloud Scanner is stable and working well, but we are still validating the business model and price. You can use the Cloud Scanner free of charge until such time as we disclose the pricing policy. We also guarantee at least 3 months of free access after pricing, to all users who enter the beta period.